Saturday, January 18, 2020

GOPlin senators cannot handle this truth - their leader is a crook

Even if you don’t subscribe to Blog for Arizona, you probably know about this:

Earlier today, as already reported by AZ Blue Meanie and virtually every other political outlet, Senator McSally, currently behind Captain Mark Kelly in recent polls, became the symbol of the difficulties all Republican Senators face when confronted with reality by non-Fox or Alt-Right commentators.

In the hall of the Senate, she called CNN Journalist Manu Raju “a liberal hack” twice when he asked whether new evidence should be considered at the Senate Impeachment Trial of Donald Trump.

That prompted B4AZ contributor David Gordon to remind us of Jack Nicholson’s scene from _A Few Good Men_: Martha McSally can not Handle the Truth.

What you may not be aware of is McSally’s history of ducking and dodging the press.

Commenting on the latest McSally incident, Brad Banium of the Arizona Democratic Party released a statement which recounted McSally’s recent conduct, reading in part:

“In December, the Associated Press reported on McSally definitively ruling out any pretense of being an “impartial” juror. According to the report, McSally:

Said House Democrats committed “the only abuse of power that we’ve seen going on here”

“Echo[ed]” Mitch McConnell’s pledge on “working closely with the White House”; and admitted Republicans are opposing the “minefield” of witnesses testimony from “some people” because we don’t know how that’s going to go.”

“For months, McSally has refused to be forthright with Arizonans when it comes to getting to the facts of the case:”

“McSally infamously “literally went around the Capitol, around parked cars, everything, to avoid cameras” and reporter questions about the appropriateness of Trump’s abuses of power.”

“This fall, McSally refused to rule out accepting foreign help in her own election — and then ran away from Arizona reporters.”

“It’s clear that Martha McSally’s only goal is to protect her party leaders and her personal political future. She has no interest in hearing the facts, uncovering the truth, and being an independent representative for Arizonans.”

Gordon concludes:

Arizona and the Nation need Senators who can handle the truth and put country over cult (party).

Martha McSally and Susan Collins, along with Political Prince of Darkness-Grim Reaper- Enemy of the People-Moscow Mitch, backstabbing Lindsey, and the other willing accessories in the Former Party of Lincoln have proven they are not what the country needs for public servants.

Amen to that.

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