Monday, February 3, 2020

Dingbat senator rakes in corporate cash to convey God's approval of fossil fuel extraction

Judd Legum ( reports that These corporations are quietly bankrolling Congress’ top climate denier. That denier is Sen. James Inhofe - a genuine dingbat if there ever was one. Here are a couple of excerpts illustrating Inhofe’s dingbatishness.

Inhofe argues that humans have a religious obligation to continue extracting fossil fuels. “[W]e are made in God’s image and should use the resources God has given us,” Inhofe said in 2007.

In Inhofe’s 2012 book, “The Greatest Hoax,” he argues that people shouldn’t worry about climate change because “God is still up there, and He promised to maintain the seasons and that cold and heat would never cease as long as the earth remains.”

Inhofe’s influence on U.S. climate policy is more than rhetorical. In 2017, he was the top signatory of a letter to Trump, encouraging Trump to withdraw from the Paris agreement. Trump took his advice.

Inhofe’s impact on America’s climate policy is far-reaching. Since Trump took office, Inhofe has “helped populate the upper ranks” of the EPA with “several of his closest confidants.” Andrew Wheeler, the current EPA administrator, worked for Inhofe for 14 years. Amanda Gunasekara, who can be seen smiling behind Inhofe as he holds a snowball on the Senate floor, was a top climate advisor at the EPA. (She left last year to start an outside group supporting Trump’s energy policies.) Other Inhofe aides were installed in the White House to advise on environmental issues.

So this guy is a dangerous loon. But the story continues in Legum,’s reporting on the corporations bankrolling Inhofe. To be brief, I’ll just list those corporations and amounts donated to Inhofe.

Amazon - $8,500
Google - $10,000
Microsoft - $2,500
Dell - $7,500
GE - $15,000

The sad thing is that these corporations are all on record saying how seriously they take climate change and offering their support for measures to reduce it. Yet they bankroll the the chief climate change denier.

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