Saturday, February 29, 2020

UPDATE - coronavirus spreads

Nigeria: The East African reports that Nigeria starts tracing contacts of first coronavirus patient.

Mexico: Kenya’s Daily Nation reports that Mexico declares first case of coronavirus: Health ministry. “Mexico’s Health Ministry confirmed the country’s first case of coronavirus on Friday, saying a young man had tested positive for it in the capital.”

*Kenya:*Kenya’s Daily Nation reports on the Coronavirus: Nairobi ranked sixth among Africa’s riskiest cities

Nairobi is now ranked sixth among African cities whose populations are at high risk of being infected with Covid–19.

This is emerging even as government bureaucrats continue to allow in travellers from 18 high-risk cities in mainland China.

This is according to a spatial analysis by experts in population mapping at the University of Southampton.

The University’s WorldPop team has found that Bangkok in Thailand is currently the city at the highest risk of infection, based on the number of air travellers predicted to arrive there from the worst affected cities in China.

With Nairobi still receiving visitors from the Asian nation, Kenya is now regarded as a high-risk country by researchers who have been tracking the spread of the virus based on the number of flights and connections with infected territories.

Americans returning from the affected provinces will be subjected to 14 days of mandatory quarantine. In contrast, here in Kenya, the Chinese passengers were asked to self-quarantine.

On Thursday, the BBC quoted Chinese health officials as saying about 14 per cent of patients in Guangdong province “who had the coronavirus but recovered and were discharged from hospital have tested positive for the virus again”.

“Health officials admit they’re still learning about the disease and how it operates. The same phenomenon has been reported in Japan, where a woman in her 40s who had recovered and tested negative for the virus tested positive more than three weeks later,” the BBC reported.

Kenya, however, continues to tempt fate.

The government has ruled out stopping airlines from China from landing in Nairobi, a decision that came just a day after the country’s biggest airport witnessed drama when officials refused to allow passengers who had arrived from China on a direct flight from disembarking. They were ordered to allow them in.

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