Thursday, March 12, 2020

It's Over

Democratic Primary: ‘It’s Over’ posted the Arizona Blue Meanie at Blog for Arizona.

The primary numbers are all favoring Biden and voters think that winning over Trump is more important this year than ideological concurrence.

Two things that are different about this year than 2016: One is … there are not going to be any races that [Sanders] has any plausible shot at winning where he is going to be able to rebound, [and second] the Democratic base is much more terrified of Trump this cycle than last cycle and [is] going to respond less well to a long, drawn-out primary, particularly in the midst of a pandemic.

It’s time for Bernie Sanders to face this reality and make a graceful and conciliatory exit, and to support the presumptive nominee. Joe Biden needs to be able to announce his running mate and to begin running a general election campaign against Donald Trump as soon as possible. Democrats are not going to tolerate another grudge match with no clear path to victory all the way to the convention in Milwaukee this year. This is not how Sanders should want to be remembered.

Defeating Trump and supporting Democratic candidates for office is the only objective.

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