Sunday, March 15, 2020

Kleptocratic Kids

Those of us who track Trumpian misdeeds, will not be surprised to learn that Trump’s businesses (and thus Trump) profit from his presidency. But the web of grifting extends to his campaign and his kids. Here are links.

Report by the HuffPost reveals how the Trump Campaign Chief Is Funneling Pay To Eric Trump’s Wife, Don Jr.’s Girlfriend: Report. Payments are made through Brad Parscale’s company, The New York Times reported.

Here is the link to that Times report: How the Trump Campaign Took Over the G. O. P..

The Lincoln Project, not exactly friendly to the Trump mob, is pushing back at the crookedness of the Trump family. GOP Group Targets Trump’s Children With ‘Grifters’ Attack Ads On Fox News. “It’s time someone held them accountable,” said The Lincoln Project after launching its new anti-Trump campaign.

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