Friday, March 6, 2020

Might a Biden-Klobuchar ticket be the ticket for beating Trump

Washington Post columnist Henry Olsen shows Why a Biden-Klobuchar ticket can beat Trump.

Cutting right to it…

The Democratic strategy for beating Trump is simple: unite the majority of Americans who have disapproved of his presidency for its entire term. That means running competent, decent people who won’t frighten voters away. Biden-Klobuchar is a perfect ticket for that task.

Olsen sees parallels between Bill Clinton’s pick of Al Gore and Joe Biden’s (possible) pick of Amy Klobuchar. “The Clinton-Gore ticket won back enough of those [Reagan Democrat] voters that it carried four Southern states and swept most of the Midwest, cementing its victory.”

Klobuchar would do for Biden what Gore did for Clinton. Like Biden, she is a traditional center-left Democrat who builds bridges rather than walls. She is comfortable campaigning in moderate tones while being unafraid to dust it up with Republicans and highlight their differences. As she often said when she was a presidential candidate, she’s carried red and blue areas of her home state with ease in three straight elections. Blue-collar former Democrats won’t be scared by her, and she would reinforce Biden’s message of national healing.

She brings another advantage to Biden that Gore could not bring to Clinton. As a woman, she would have distinct appeal to blue-collar women, who are likelier to switch back from Trump than blue-collar men. She also has appeal for educated suburban women, another key Democratic constituency, as a successful lawyer and professional. Keeping those demographics in line is essential to Democratic victory in the fall, and Klobuchar adds to Biden’s underlying appeal for them.

Klobuchar’s relative youth and clear competence will also be strong assets for the septuagenarian Biden. His age and frequent verbal missteps will inevitably raise concerns that he might not be up to the job, or even that he might die or become incapacitated in office. The 59-year-old Klobuchar is of prime presidential age, and even her detractors will admit she knows the details of government inside and out. Unlike other possible picks, she could indisputably step into the Oval Office on day one.

I leave it to you to ferret out Olsen’s rationale for not selecting other potential VP candidates (like previous presidential candidates) Warren, Harris, and Castro, for example. To that I add this observation - you don’t have to think too hard to come up with suitable cabinet positions for those former candidates. See this previous post, A cabinet of competence will be the Dems’ winning ticket.

(Thanks to Jana Eaton for this tip.)

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