Friday, March 6, 2020

Three candidates vie for two AZ House seats in LD2

David Gordon (Blog For Arizona) reports that Billy Peard Discusses his Progressive Vision for Arizona Legislative District Two. Billy is one of three candidates for two AZ House seats in LD2.

Arizona Legislative District (LD) Two, an area that includes most of the I–19 corridor from Tucson to Nogales, has been a predominantly blue district in recent memory.

It will likely remain so after the 2020 elections.

The question for the residents in LD Two is which Democrats will serve in the State House.

There are three Democratic candidates running for the two-State House Seats in LD Two.

State Representative Rosanna Gabaldon and State Senator Andrea Dalessandro are both attempting to successfully switch legislative chairs with the later vying for one of the two State House seats.

Fellow Incumbent Daniel Hernandez is also running for reelection to the State House.

The third Democratic candidate for one of the State House seats is political newcomer Billy Peard.

An attorney who has specialized in constitutional, civil rights, and immigration law, Mr. Peard has worked with former Representative Jim Kolbe and the American Civil Liberties Union in Southeastern Arizona, Peard wants to serve all the people and ably represent the urban, suburban, and rural communities of LD Two.

See Gordon’s post for Q&A with Billy Peard.

Andrea Dalessandro’s Facebook page is here. Daniel Hernandez’s web site is here.

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