Friday, March 27, 2020

Venting about Ventilators in the Age of the Trumpidemic

After considering a $1 billion price tag for ventilators, the White House had second thoughts

Days ago, the White House was nearing a deal with GM and Ventec Life Systems to produce up to 80,000 ventilators. Then they realized it’d cost over $1 billion. Now, despite the urgency, the government is dragging its heels while the president yells at GM and Ford on Twitter.

That was the 12:30 PM headline from Wired Science. In the context of signing off on a 2 Trillion stop gap measure, Trump balks at a 1 billion cost for ventilators. WTF? Run the numbers. The billion is just 0.0005 of the total 2 trillion bill.

This is now, more or less, and hour and a half later reported in WaPo:

The president invoked the Defense Production Act to force General Motors to make ventilators, after weeks of resistance. “I just haven’t had to use it,” Trump had said Thursday, insisting companies were volunteering the necessary efforts. But Friday morning, Trump raged on Twitter at GM chief executive Mary T. Barra, claiming she had backed away from an agreement to make tens of thousands of ventilators, and he invoked the act a few hours later.

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