Thursday, March 19, 2020

When will Sanders fold it up and join Biden in unifying the Dems

That’s what Sanders should do yesterday. But will he?

Sanders is getting repeatedly crushed. The Huff Post reported that Biden Overwhelms Sanders With Florida, Illinois, Arizona Victories.

Former Vice President Joe Biden won smashing victories in Democratic presidential primaries in Florida, Illinois and Arizona on Tuesday night, further cementing his advantage over Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in a nomination race soon to be frozen in place for weeks as growing fears over the coronavirus pandemic cause voters to lose interest and states to delay primaries. ‌ The status of a fourth primary, Ohio’s, scheduled for Tuesday is up in the air. Voters there did not cast ballots in person after GOP Gov. Mike DeWine and the state’s health commissioner ruled that conducting the election would be a threat to public health, causing the primary to be postponed. ‌ Biden’s wins add to his significant advantage in delegates over Sanders and showed his coalition of older voters, Black voters and ideological moderates expanding as the Democratic rank and file appear eager to end the primary battle and begin focusing on a November showdown with President Donald Trump.

The HuffPost also reported that Bernie Sanders To ‘Assess’ His Campaign After More Primary Losses. “In the immediate term, however, he is focused on the government response to the coronavirus outbreak,” his campaign manager said.

That’s perfectly reasonable - assuming that Sanders is rational. But …

… Michael Tomasky, NY Times, reports that Sanders Is Betting It All on New York. Big Mistake. Despite its liberal reputation, the state is where insurgent candidacies have come to die.

After a second consecutive week of convincing defeats, Bernie Sanders is facing intense pressure to drop out of the Democratic presidential race. At noon Wednesday, his campaign suspended its Facebook advertising.

The candidate has made no announcement yet, but according to a Politico article Tuesday, his aides were girding for the campaign to continue at least through April 28 — the so-called Acela Primary, featuring multiple Eastern Seaboard states, most notably New York and its 274 delegates. “Sanders’ aides have long thought that he would have a good shot in the Empire State,” read one sentence in particular that caught my eye.

The idea that New York might back Mr. Sanders sounds plausible on its face. New York has a reputation for being liberal, even ultraliberal; Williamsburg and Bushwick, and the young left-leaning voters therein, get a lot more media attention than Utica and Jamestown.

Alas, history does not support the contention. In fact, history smothers it. I know. I covered it.

Tomasky then reports on how three other anti-establishment campaigns crashed and burned in New York.

The first was 1988, when Michael Dukakis was the establishment choice and Jesse Jackson the insurgent. … on Primary Day, Mr. Dukakis won handily, 50 percent to 37 percent … The Jackson campaign was over.

Four years later, Jerry Brown was breathing down Bill Clinton’s neck coming into New York’s April 7 contest. … Mr. Clinton won by 15 points. The race basically ended there.

Finally, in 2000, Mr. Gore was back, this time as the establishment candidate, being challenged by Bill Bradley, who’d positioned himself as the more progressive choice … Again, I walked out of that rally thinking that the insurgent had a shot. Again, the establishment guy won, this time by two-to-one.

In sum, New York, despite its reputation, is where insurgent candidacies have come to die. Why? New York is a liberal state, but it’s a liberal establishment state. It’s the home of Wall Street. It’s where Democratic candidates come to raise money. Get on an Acela heading from New York to Washington some Monday afternoon while Congress is in session and count the House members heading back to work after a weekend spent trawling for checks in Manhattan.

Life and politics are full of surprises, so things could be different. But the history is clear. Broadway ingénues aren’t the only people who come to New York to see their dreams dashed.

So after Tuesday’s drubbing, the only thing that Sanders can now accomplish with a NY pipe dream is to continue a Democratic divide when he should be honoring his own promises and work toward getting all Dems united behind Biden. The single most pressing political objective for America is to Dump Trump.

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