Saturday, April 4, 2020

McSally voted against expanded unemployment benefits - Remember in November

Trump has blood on his hands.
Does sucking up to Trump get blood on her lips?

Michael Bryan (Blog for Arizona) corrects the record: McSally Voted AGAINST Including Enhanced Unemployment Benefits in CARES Act.

“Arizona, relief is finally on the way!” McSally said.“This package sends cash directly to Arizonans to support their basic needs while they stay at home to prevent the spread of coronavirus. This bill also expands unemployment benefits for those laid off due to this unprecedented pandemic.”

But you shouldn’t thank Appointed Senator McSally for those expanded benefits. Just the opposite.

A GOP amendment was proposed during reconciliation of the House and Senate versions of the CARES Act to strip those expanded unemployment benefits out of the final bill. McSally voted for that amendment stripping the benefits out of the two trillion dollar bill, along with all but two of her caucus members.

Now she’s bragging that she “secured‘ those benefits for Arizonans suffering job loss due to the epidemic! Her actual vote says otherwise. She’s straight-out lying to Arizona’s workers.

McSally consistently sides with big corporate employers, who want to keep workers needy and immiserated through this crisis. McSally is no friend to working people.

McSally’s lying imposture during this terrifying crisis should outrage Arizona’s voters. McSally consistently votes to bail out corporations and investors while voting against direct benefits to real PEOPLE who are suffering and desperate.

McSally only faithfully represents the commanding heights of the economy, not Arizona’s working citizens. Fortunately, Arizona’s real people have a chance to remedy her appointment by Governor Ducey. Exercise your right to vote. If you aren’t on the Permanent Early Voter Registry, so that you ensure your right to vote amid this madness, why not?

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