Friday, April 3, 2020

Plenty of agreement by D's and R's when it comes to COVID-19

538 reviews recent polls: Are Democrats And Republicans Reacting Differently To Coronavirus? It Depends What You’re Asking Them..

“… news coverage that casts Americans’ views on the coronavirus as just another example of the nation’s partisan divide may be overstating that case — there is plenty of agreement across party lines when it comes to COVID–19, particularly when it comes to how people say they are behaving”

(Edited by Scriber to capture the essential findings, D= Democrats, R=Republicans, numbers are percentages.)

  • washing hands more frequently (95D 96R)
  • would be “uncomfortable” at a crowded party (93D 81R)
  • would be uncomfortable eating out in a restaurant (83D 71R)
  • satisfied with their state and local governments responses to the coronavirus (72D 72R)
  • oppose churches being exempted from regulations barring large gatherings amid the virus outbreak (85D 72R)
  • support giving cash payments to people who make less than $100,000 amid the virus outbreak (91D 85R)
  • supportive of aid to small businesses (90D 93R)
  • somewhat wary of aid to large corporations (54D 38R)

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