Friday, April 10, 2020

States rights vs. Trumpist power grabs - and Republicans are increasingly opting for Biden

Here are a couple of eye-openers from this morning’s email from Heather Cox Richardson.

… Yesterday, the conservative Republican group The Lincoln Project endorsed Biden, tweeting “As America contends with unprecedented loss, we need a leader who can steady the ship, heal our common wounds, and lead us into our next national chapter. Joe Biden has the humanity, empathy and steadiness we need in a leader.” The Lincoln project has already begun airing devastating attacks on the president.

And in California, Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom announced that he was done begging for supplies and was going to use the purchasing power of California as a “nation-state” to get its own supplies, perhaps even “exporting” them to other states. These terms suggest that Newsom has decided to stand up to the administration once and for all with a threat to follow through on the state’s rights the Republicans have championed when it suited their agenda. This will complicate Trump’s political life, especially if other wealthy states follow suit.

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