Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Trump's retreat on 'total' authority just another instance of Trump's lutefisk - a smelly idea that didn't stick to the wall

So basically after going full dictator mode on Tuesday, on Wednesday Trump backtracked all over himself.

You may recall my guess in yesterday’s post as to where this total power, absolute authority crap was leading.

In Monday’s press briefing, aka Trump campaign rally, the totally mad wannabe king asserted total absolute power - in this case to force governors to reopen for business. My fear is that Trump will take advantage of referential validity - the more something is said, the more it is believed. He blared his assertion multiple times just in that one 2-hour span. So, watch for what will be asserted during the next days. If he does not return to that theme, we can regard his Monday claims as another instance of Trumpian lutefisk - take something smelly, throw it at the wall, and see if it sticks. But if he starts repeating that theme, then look for AG Bill Barr to rewrite the 10th amendment in order to move us further toward monarchy.

It didn’t stick. It was legally, constitutionally DOA according to many if not all constitutional scholars

After making up powers, Trump retreats on ‘total’ authority reports Steve Benen (MSNBC/MaddowBlog). It’s awfully gracious of Donald Trump to extend leeway to state officials that they already had.

Benen concludes that Trump’s retreat was “a pititful attempt at some semblance of control.”

[Trump said] “I will be authorizing each individual governor, of each individual state, to implement a reopening and a very powerful reopening plan of their state in a time and a manner as most appropriate,” Trump said. He added, “The governors are going to be opening up their states. They’re going to declare when. They’re going to know when.”

I’ll confess that I couldn’t help but laugh a bit after hearing the president’s “I will be authorizing…” phrasing, because it was a pitiful attempt at making it seem as if he was maintaining some semblance of control.

Governors who do not work for Trump do not need, and did not ask for, his permission to move forward with re-opening plans on their own timelines. But Trump wants to pretend that his “authority” is broad and imposing, so he presented his retreat yesterday in a self-congratulatory way: the president has decided to let governors who were going to do their own thing proceed with their own plans.

How gracious of him to extend leeway to state officials that they already had.

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