Friday, April 10, 2020

Why is the federal government stealing medical supplies from hospitals

Kerry Eleveld (Daily Kos Staff) wants to know Why the hell is the federal government stealing critical medical supplies from hospitals?

FEMA won’t say. And neither will anyone else from the president on down. That lack of transparency leaves open two possibilities. (1) Someone is doing it for political purposes. (2) Someone is getting rich quick.

Those possibilities, you can see, are not mutually exclusive.

Might that “someone” be Donald Trump?

One thing is clear. Trump has placed hospitals and states in a horrible bind. He first cut loose the states to act on their own denying them access to “our” stockpile. And then, when they do/did, he’s corrupting/disrupting the supply lines used by the states to acquire medical necessities for combatting the coronavirus.

I guess death is one way of suppressing the vote thereby improving Trump’s chances next November.

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