Thursday, June 11, 2020

Donald Trump in his fantastical, conspiratorial bubble pumps out evil tweets

Rick Wilson, Daily Beast Editor-At-Large (and Lincoln Project), reports on Trump Troubles as Trump Pukes Out More Lurid Conspiracies as the People Steal His Spotlight. He’d rather focus on what happened in Buffalo than on the outrage of Bill Barr’s hodgepodge army attacking citizens in a public park to clear the way for his limp-dick photo-op.

It’s become a cliché to stare in mute horror at Donald Trump’s endless stream of Twitter vomit, wondering what chthonic god finds pleasure in watching us writhe as Trump brings out the very worst in his followers and new levels of willful ignorance from Republicans determined to see no evil, no matter how in their face that evil is.

It’s not as if the last few weeks haven’t been particularly lunatic, but Trump hit a home run in the shitbird derby Tuesday morning with his amplification of the truly bugfuck conspiracy theory that Martin Gugino of Buffalo, New York, a 75-year-old man now famous for being shoved to the ground by cops and left in serious condition, was—wait for it—an antifa supersoldier.

Trump’s life right now is an endless slough of despond, a polling wasteland where decent numbers are as rare as Jared displaying a human emotion. This was the kind of off-the-wall tweet that says more about his trouble than it does about anything else.

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