Monday, June 8, 2020

Maskless Trump contaminates medical supply plant - swabs discarded

Factory Discarding COVID–19 Swabs Produced During Trump’s Unmasked Tour. Trump visited a plant that produces sterile swabs and mingled with workers who wore white lab coats, masks, gloves, hair coverings, goggles and booties.

Reported by Mary Papenfuss (HuffPost). And thanks for the alert from Roving Reporter Sherry.

A Maine manufacturer of COVID–19 testing swabs said it’s discarding the entire output created while President Donald Trump toured the plant without a mask, USA Today reported.

A representative of Puritan Medical Products did not say explicitly that the action was due to Trump’s lack of protective gear during his tour on Friday, but no other explanation was offered. The swabs are being tossed as manufacturers struggle to keep up with demand for the critical for COVID–19 testing components.

“The running of the factory machines … will only occur when the president is touring the facility floor,” the company’s marketing manager, Virginia Temple, told the newspaper. “Swabs produced during that time will be discarded.”

Temple did not specify how many swabs would be thrown out.

During his appearance at the Puritan factory in Guilford, Trump made a few remarks to workers, posed for photos, and put his arm around an employee — then noting, “I’m not supposed to do that,” and waving his hand dismissively. (Check out the video in the report.)

Trump wore no face mask nor any other protective gear, which is typical for him, despite recommendations to the contrary by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He stopped to talk to employees — who were wearing white lab coats, masks, gloves, goggles, hair coverings and plastic booties — while they were working with the sterile swabs.

There was no immediate comment from the White House about the discarded swabs.

Of course not.

Come November I hope that the electorate will treat Trump just like the factory is treating those swabs: as a contaminant to be discarded.

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