Tuesday, June 30, 2020

VoteVets is no friend of ‘traitor’ Trump.

For example, The Hill reported that Progressive vets compare Confederate officers to terrorists in new ad on Army bases.

VoteVets, a progressive veterans group, released a new ad Friday targeting President Trump’s refusal to support the renaming of Army bases named after Confederate officers, who it compared to foreign terrorist leaders.

“We’d never name bases after America’s enemies, like Osama bin Laden,” the group tweeted along with the ad. “Why does Donald Trump so desperately want to keep the names of other racist enemies on our Army bases?”

The advertisement reimagines military bases with pretend mock-ups of facilities such as “Camp bin Laden” and “Joint Base Al-Zarqawi.”

But the most recent of their ads is a real burner calling Trump a ‘traitor’. Check this one out.

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