Wednesday, June 24, 2020

'Worst off' Arizona reacts to Trump Phoenix visit

First let me report some numbers.

From Blog for Arizona: “Fox 10 in Phoenix reports, Harvard epidemiologist says Arizona is currently the worst off amongst U.S. states in terms of COVID–19: Harvard University epidemiologist Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding says Arizona holds new records for cases, positivity percentages, hospitalizations and ICU beds in use.”

I’ve been tracking the number of cases per day in Pima county (from data reported in the Daily Star). During the last five days in May, the number of new cases averaged 48.8. As of today, that average for the most recent five days is 281.4, an over five-fold increase. That’s partly attributable to today’s number of new cases at an all time high (I think) of 502.

In Blog for Arizona David Gordon reported Donald Trump came, saw, lied and potentially spread the Coronavirus in Phoenix today. He covers a lot of responses from AZ officials and candidates.

Gordon concludes with this question: “What kind of leader denies scientific facts and risks the lives of his people during a public health pandemic so he can get a political thrill and satisfy his megalomania?”

And answers: “A very bad one that does not deserve to be reelected this November.”

Also in Blog for Arizona the Blue Meanie reports Trump death cult ‘spread the pandemic tour’ comes to Arizona (updated). This post has the link to the latest ad from the Lincoln Project :“Truth”.

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