Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Lincoln Project ad shows how it is happening here

The Lincoln Project Presents the Chilling “How it Starts” showing “It is Happening Here” reports David Gordon at Blog for Arizona.

The Lincoln Project’s latest digital ad, the chilling “How it Starts” could as easily have been a parody of the Sinclair Lewis work “It Can’t Happen Here” with the title “It Is Happening Here.”

Here are some excerpts.

What is happening?

Unidentified and uninvited federal troops are, apparently without warrants, harassing, beating, and detaining nonviolent protestors on the streets of Portland.

The 2016 Popular Vote Loser Trump Administration, led by fringe reactionaries like the Aspiring Duce-the Chief Executive Demagogue and President of Betrayal, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Trump Attorney Bill Barr and his acting Black Shirts at Homeland Security (Chad Wolf and Ken Cuccinelli,) are also threatening to take their black shirt squads to other cities led by Democrats (like Chicago or Milwaukee.)

The Lincoln Project ad rightly depicts these actions as “a President out of control” who will resort to any totalitarian measures to stay in power.

“This is how it starts and this is how freedom dies,” the narrator accurately states.

The narrator then calls everyone to action, stating:

“Unless we stand up. Unless we speak out. Unless we demand justice. Register and vote November 3 because if we don’t, we know how it ends.”

The narrator is right.

Now is the time for people to act.

Now is the time for local authorities, if they can, to arrest these uninvited black shirt paramilitary units and take them to court.

And that is happening.

Scriber has another observation. If you color these storm troopers white, you’d get the armored troopers from the Star Wars authoritarian empire - as in “Empire Strikes Back”.

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