Friday, August 7, 2020

300,000 COVID-19 deaths expected by December

Charlie Sykes reports on America’s failure to deal with the COVID–19 pandemic, Via NYT newsletter:

Our colleague David Leonhardt — the usual writer of this newsletter — and a team of other Times journalists around the world interviewed scientists and public health experts to reconstruct America’s unique failure. Their reporting points to two central themes.

First, the United States has a tradition of prioritizing individualism over government restrictions. That aversion to collective action helped lead to inadequate state lockdowns and inconsistent adherence to mask wearing based on partisanship instead of public health.

Second, many experts agree, America’s poor results stem in substantial measure from the performance of the Trump administration. “If you had to summarize our approach, it’s really poor federal leadership — disorganization and denial,” said Andy Slavitt, who ran Medicare and Medicaid from 2015 to 2017.

Exit take: More than 160,000 Americans have now died from the pandemic and the IHME model now projects that nearly 300,000 will die by December unless mask use becomes near-universal.

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