Saturday, August 15, 2020

Conceptualizing COVID-19 deaths

Joseph Stalin, the story goes, dismissed a million deaths as just a statistic. We’re not there yet, when it comes to COVID–19 deaths, but nevertheless the death toll from that virus is stunning. How can we think about 167,000 (and increasing daily)?

If we laid bodies along the freeways from here in Green Valley to Phoenix, by my rough calculation, we would use up just 127,454 of those 167,00 dead.

The largest stadium in the USA is Michigan in Ann Arbor which holds 113,000. The largest stadium in the world is the Rungrado 1st May in North Korea - over 150,000. The COVID–19 deaths, at 167,000, are far in excess of those stadium seatings.

The death rate from this virus is HUGE!

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