Saturday, August 22, 2020

Martha McSally's Hunger Games

Heather Cox Richardson (Letters from an American) reports on the evolution of the Republican party toward the far right, embracing the QAnon extremists. Some GOPlins are worried about that trend. But so long as Trump hugs QAnon your average rank and file GOPlin will come around.

… Republican leaders have been quiet about the QAnon believers in their midst, but there are rumblings of discontent from lower lawmakers at the inclusion of conspiracy theorists in their caucus.

There are signs that some Republican candidates are desperate. In Arizona, Martha McSally, who was appointed to her seat by Governor Doug Ducey in late 2018 after losing an election for Arizona’s other senate seat, is running significantly behind her Democratic challenger, former astronaut Mark Kelly. (Kelly is married to former Arizona Representative Gabby Giffords.) Tonight, news leaked that at a recent event McSally said: “We’re doing our part to catch up, you know, to get our message out. But it takes resources. So, anybody can give, I’m not ashamed to ask, to invest. If you can give a dollar, five dollars, *if you can fast a meal and give what that would be.*”

Wow. Think about how McSilly could amplify her pitch. Can you fast a meal? Can your spouse fast a meal? How about your kids? How about Fido? (Save those table scraps!) How about extending her ask to all of Arizona? That’s the fodder for a great ad. Maybe McS could enlist Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence.

After pushback on Twitter over the statement that people should go hungry to fund her campaign, a spokesperson said McSally had been joking.

What’s your take? Was she joking?

Methinks not. That’s the ploy Trump’s apologists use after one of his stupid, harmful tweets.

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