Friday, August 7, 2020

More ads from Lincoln Project and Priorities USA

Lincoln Project and Priorities USA bludgeon Trump, McConnell, and Republicans in their latest ads By David Gordon at Blog for Arizona.

For people worried that the Lincoln Project are just Republicans who will revert to their old selves once Trump is out of office, their latest ad “Care” should reassure them.

So should the numerous ads they have run against Republican officials like rich Mitch McConnell and Trump Hack Martha McSally.

In the “Care” ad, the Lincoln Project condemns Republicans led by Trump and McConnell for “delaying vital economic support to the American People.”

Priorities USA also released two well-produced ads that attack Trump. One of them endorses Biden’s approach to solving COVID and the economy.

The first ad, called “Real Deal” reminds viewers that Trump has been a racist all his life (duh.)

The second ad, called “Grasped” attacks Trump for his mishandling of the Coronavirus.

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