Saturday, August 29, 2020

Washington Post's coronavirus update via email

President Trump celebrated his renomination Thursday with a crowded party on the White House’s South Lawn — a spectacle that broke with decades of presidential tradition, not to mention health and safety recommendations.

More than 1,500 guests gathered at the venue, which previous presidents have avoided using for partisan rallies. Most of the crowd were allowed in without masks and without being tested for covid–19. They squeezed into closely spaced folding chairs, just yards away from Trump and his top aides, horrifying some health experts.

“When you see this type of event and the way he is acting and the way he is allowing his supporters to act, it cements the fact that they have never taken this outbreak seriously from the beginning,” Amesh Adalja, an ­infectious-disease expert at Johns Hopkins University Center, told The Post.

[For example:] “The United States has among the lowest case fatality rates of any major country in the world,” Trump said. False, our Fact Checker wrote. Unless Japan, Turkey and South Korea are not major countries.

[Scriber:] Now that is just plain bullsh!t. What is there in the Declaration of Independence, you know, the business about Life being an unalienable right, that Trump does not get. Instead, he is fine with 182,000 lives lost ON HIS WATCH.

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