Saturday, September 12, 2020

Republicans sacrificed their principles 'on the bonfire of Trump’s vanity.'

Here’s a first for the Scribers’ community: a yard sign saying “Republicans for Biden.” It’s emblematic of a broader trend as sensible, true conservatives abandon the party of Trump.

I’LL NEVER QUESTION 1938 IN GERMANY AGAIN”: AN EX-REPUBLICAN STRATEGIST SURVEYS THE WRECKAGE OF TRUMP’S GOP. Republicans “all know that Trump is an idiot,” says Stuart Stevens, but “they convinced themselves that he was a necessity.” Now they’re facing the consequences, as Stevens—and others—jumps ship.

On the latest episode of Inside the Hive, former Republican strategist Stuart Stevens described the GOP under Donald Trump as a party of cynics, stooges, racists, and obsequious enablers whose profiles in cowardice bear an uncomfortable resemblance to 1930s Germany. “When I talk to Republican politicians, I hear Franz von Papen,” he says, referencing the German chancellor who convinced Germans that so-called radical leftists were a far greater threat than Adolf Hitler. “They all know that Trump is an idiot. They all know that he’s uniquely unqualified to be president. But they convinced themselves that he was a necessity.”

Not surprisingly, Stevens, an adviser to two George W. Bush presidential campaigns and a top strategist for Mitt Romney’s 2012 bid against Barack Obama, has become the latest apostate to his party, declaring in his best-selling book, It Was All a Lie: How the Republican Party Became Donald Trump, that Republicans have sacrificed every last belief and principle they held dear on the bonfire of Trump’s vanity. And now, not even the catastrophically mismanaged coronavirus pandemic can wake them from their stupor.

“It is the combination of the anti-intellectualism, the anti-education elements of the Republican Party, and the anti-elite elements of the Republican Party, so-called, that have culminated in this toxic brew that is killing tens of thousands of Americans,” says Stevens, who recently joined the independent Never Trump organization the Lincoln Project. “I mean, more Americans are going to die because of this combination of political beliefs than major wars. This virus [is] attacking Americans. And Donald Trump is making it a lot worse, and we all know this. But Republicans won’t even stand up to defend America.”

Consequently, Stevens calls Trump a “traitor” to his country. “I really think he is against America,” he says, blaming the Republican Party for “a complete collapse of responsibility that they had to defend democracy in America.”

There is more in an edited transcript of two conversations with Stevens conducted by Joe Hagan.

There are more GOPers now having come to their sense and are jumping ship.

Rank-And-File Republicans Reel Off Very Long List Of Reasons They Can’t Vote For Trump. Conservatives have 113 reasons for dumping Trump in Republican Voters Against Trump’s new video.

These rank-and-file Republicans are well and truly done with President Donald Trump.

The group of conservatives list 113 damning reasons for not backing Trump over Democratic nominee Joe Biden this November in an 11-minute video that the Republican Voters Against Trump group released Thursday.

Their rationales range from the president’s racist, sexist, Islamaphobic and divisive rhetoric to his alienation of U.S. allies, attacks on the military and cozy relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trump’s catastrophic mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic is also a key explanation.

Republican Voters Against Trump is part of conservative commentator Bill Kristol’s anti-Trump Defending Democracy Together advocacy organization and just one of a slew of groups on the right seeking to oust Trump from office.

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