Sunday, September 6, 2020

Signage scoreboard - 22 Biden, 9 Trmp

This morning Mr. Scriber and Mrs. Scriber took Max and Maggie for their morning walk in Quail Creek. (Already you know that I’m sugar-coating this. They took us for our walk.) As we walked down Keyes Road and around Alexis loop, we counted the signs for the presidential race. The score was 22 Biden/Harris to nine Trump/Pence.

Can you believe it? 22 to 9. Amazing!

But be skeptical. This is what is known as a sample of convenience - and a small one at that.

Most homes along our route displayed no signage at all. Just based on the occupant rate, I would expect far more than the 31 signs in our sample. Where are all the Trump supporters?

One possibility is that voting for Trump is embarrassing. So many Trump voters are reluctant to declare.

Let’s hope that the 22:9 ratio holds through November.


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