Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Trump vs. Latinas

While reports surface of Performed Hysterectomies on Detained Latina Immigrants, the Lincoln Project shows Trump’s Disdain for the Latino Community.

In this post by David Gordon at Blog for Arizona, as usual the Lincoln Project nails it.

In their latest ad, “Trump No Nos Quiere,” the Lincoln Project clearly shows that Donald Trump is no friend of the Latino Community and does not want them in the United States.

The narrator concludes:

“This man is not making America great again, especially for Latinos, because the President considers us second class citizens.”

And then …

If Arizonans and other American Voters (including Latinos) are not convinced by Trump’s rhetoric and past deeds (like caging children,) they should read the news reports coming out of a whistleblower revelation that accuses ICE of performing hysterectomies on detained Latina Women.

If true, that is a NAZI program and reminiscent of the discredited (and condemned) early Twentieth Century American Eugenics Program and Methods of Social and Genetic Engineering.

This is not supposed to happen in Twenty-First Century America.

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