Sunday, September 6, 2020

What Putin has on Trump

Perhaps that should be a question. We know that Putin has something on Trump but we do not know what. We do have lots of evidence that, when it comes to Russia, Trump puts America last. Read on.

Max Boot, writing at the Washington Post, presents More evidence of Trump’s subservience to Putin — and we still don’t know why.

Following are select passages.

What is it with Trump and Russia? Why is the “America first” president so eager to cater to the anti-American dictator of Russia? That is the central mystery of the Trump administration. Almost every day, there are fresh signs of Trump’s subservience to Putin.

Trump still hasn’t upbraided Putin over reports that a Russian intelligence unit placed bounties on the heads of U.S. troops in Afghanistan — even though the White House had known about the purported payments for many months before the New York Times broke the news on June 26. …

Nor has Trump had anything to say about reports that last week a Russian armored vehicle in Syria rammed a U.S. armored vehicle, injuring seven U.S. soldiers. … while Trump focused on the supposed menace of China in his convention speech, he was entirely silent about Russia.

By now we all accept that Trump won’t say or do anything about Putin’s attacks on our democracy. The Russian interference may well have changed the outcome in 2016, and the Senate Intelligence Committee has just released fresh details about the extent to which the Trump campaign welcomed, and relied on, Russian help. …

Now the Russians are interfering again — “the warning lights are flashing red,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) wrote in a Post op-ed. Far from trying to protect America, Trump is amplifying Russia’s anti-Biden disinformation while trying to muzzle the intelligence community. …

What accounts for Trump’s proclivity for Putin? Is it just part of Trump’s general admiration for dictators — or is there something more sinister going on?

The Senate Intelligence Committee offered some provocative new nuggets, including suggestions that Trump might have engaged in dalliances with Russian women during visits to Moscow that left him open to blackmail. This is the first confirmation from any branch of the U.S. government that rumors of Russian kompromat on Trump — a central feature of the infamous Steele Dossier — may have some basis in fact….

There have also been widespread reports that the Trump Organization has been dependent on Russian money. (Eric Trump in 2014: “We don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia.”) But the Intelligence Committee had no access to Trump’s closely guarded finances, so it could offer no insights on his financial ties to Russia.

… Trump continues to cater to Putin — and we still don’t know why. All we can say for sure is that Trump consistently puts America’s interests last.

For a lot more see today’s report at Blog for Arizona by the AZ Blue Meanie: Putting ‘Putin First’: a compromised Trump is our greatest national security threat.

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