Saturday, October 17, 2020

Lincoln Project airs pro Kamala Harris ad, 'Girl in the Mirror'

David Gordon is doing a great job tracking the Lincoln Project and now its the Pro Harris “Girl in the Mirror” Ad.

In its latest ad, “The Girl in the Mirror,” the Lincoln Project reminds voters that Donald Trump is a chauvinistic pig and Senator Kamala Harris is a role model all young ladies could look up to.

The one minute spot starts off with a girl looking in a mirror with the narrator telling the viewer (with clips of Condolezza Rice and Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the background, that:

“She is searching for role models in the world that will to give her hope that one day, she, too, can make a difference.”

The ad then pivots to the young ladies watching the Chief Executive Chauvinistic Pig belittling and mocking White House Women Journalists, other Female News Figures, and Senator and Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee Kamala Harris.

The narrator then tells the viewers:

“Now imagine a different future for her, a future with a President who doesn’t just value a female voice, but chooses one to be his right-hand woman. A strong woman, a woman with compassion, a woman unafraid to take on a bully.”

The ad then shows a video clip of one of the several times in the Vice Presidential Debate where Senator Harris had to remind Pence that “I’m speaking.”

The narrator then concludes with:

” A woman who not only believes in the American Dream, she embodies it. Imagine that little girl in the mirror, because that little girl is yours, and your actions on November 3 will define who she sees. Vote for change. Vote for Her.”

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