Friday, October 30, 2020

Possible new role for Trump - loser.

As Election Day nears, Trump ponders becoming one thing he so despises: A loser. Here is one item from that Washington Post story.

Biden, who has eschewed large rallies for smaller events, has sought to contrast his approach to the pandemic with Trump’s.

During a speech Wednesday in Wilmington, Del., Biden referenced a Trump rally in Omaha at which thousands of supporters were left stranded waiting for buses in near-freezing weather. He called it “an image that captures President Trump’s whole approach to this crisis.”

"He gets his photo op, and then he gets out,” Biden said. “He leaves everyone else to suffer the consequences of his failure to make a responsible plan. It seems like he just doesn’t care much about it. And the longer he’s in charge, the more reckless he gets.”

You think this is bad? Try Trump II - another four years.

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