Sunday, October 25, 2020

Trump's nonexistent health plan - a Lincoln Project chronology

As one of the characters in the Mad Max movies put it: “Plan? There ain’t no plan.”

The Lincoln Project takes on Trump’s laughably nonexistent health care plan reports Aldous J Pennyfarthing at Daily Kos.

Donald Trump has been pretending he has a health care plan for at least four years — and it’s usually just two weeks from being unveiled.

He has no health care plan. Never has.

Other than risibly claiming he’s going to protect guaranteed issue for people with preexisting conditions — in the ether, as Joe Biden pointed out last night — he has nothing at all. He reminds me of a mob capo driving his victim out to the Pine Barrens. Yeah, the health care plan is just up ahead. Who’s that in the back seat? Never mind. He’s my girlfriend’s cousin. Don’t worry about it.

Well, The Lincoln Project has noticed, and they put together this comical supercut.

Nearly every substantive promise Trump has ever made has been vaporware. The one big thing he managed to get done — a giant tax cut that went overwhelmingly to the wealthy and big corporations — sucked donkey bits.

There’s zero chance he has a health care plan. …

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