Sunday, November 29, 2020

20 days of lunacy at its end - ''when it became clear there was no ‘there’ there'''

Quote of the Day: "Literally only the fringy of the fringe are willing to do pressers, and that’s when it became clear there was no ‘there’ there,” - a senior administration official speaking to the Washington Post.

20 days of fantasy and failure: Inside Trump’s quest to overturn the election reports the Post. Here is just a smidgeon of the account of the aftermath of the election that rejected Trump and made Joe Biden the President Elect. You should read the whole story.

The 20 days between the election on Nov. 3 and the greenlighting of Biden’s transition exemplified some of the hallmarks of life in Trump’s White House: a government paralyzed by the president’s fragile emotional state; advisers nourishing his fables; expletive-laden feuds between factions of aides and advisers; and a pernicious blurring of truth and fantasy.

Though Trump ultimately failed in his quest to steal the election, his weeks-long jeremiad succeeded in undermining faith in elections and the legitimacy of Biden’s victory.

This account of one of the final chapters in Trump’s presidency is based on interviews with 32 senior administration officials, campaign aides and other advisers to the president, as well as other key figures in his legal fight, many of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity to share details about private discussions and to candidly assess the situation.

Thanks to our Editor at Large, Sherry.

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