Monday, November 23, 2020

GOP campaign in Georgia runoff is more and more unhinged ...

… and entertaining.

Judd Legum at describes A Confederacy of Dunces.

Background: Sidney Powell is whackadoodle

On Saturday night, Sidney Powell, one of the top attorneys on Trump’s legal team, appeared on Newsmax and alleged a massive conspiracy involving thousands of people to rig voting machines against Trump. The scandal, Sidney Powell said, is “so big no one wants to wrap their heads around it.”

The scheme, according to Powell, has been in the works for “multiple decades” and was initially created by Hugo Chavez with technology he obtained from the CIA. She claims that Dominion voting machines are set up so that people can “literally drag and drop hundreds of thousands of votes wherever they want them.”

All of this is false. Dominion machines have no connection to Chavez or Venezuela. There is one company involved in voting technology with Venezuelan founders, Smartmatic. But it is a separate company, and Dominion told The Dispatch that “no Smartmatic software has ever been used by the company.” Claims that Dominion machines were found shifting votes from Trump to Biden were also definitively debunked.

Powell said that Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R), two outspoken Trump supporters, were part of the scheme to steal the election for Biden. This scheme also involved, according to Powell, “thousands” of other people, including “the people running the machines at each of the polling centers.”

Why would Kemp and Raffensperger conspire to steal an election from a president they both support? Powell suggested, without providing any evidence, that they were paid off. “The state bureau of investigation ought to be looking into the financial benefits received by Mr. Kemp and the Secretary of State’s family,” she said.

Powell also said that Hillary Clinton stole the 2016 primary from Bernie Sanders by rigging the same machines. Sanders was told what happened but stayed quiet in exchange for “money to buy another fabulous house.”

Powell promised a “biblical” new legal filing in Georgia next week that will “blow up” the state. She’s also not worried about the fact that the election results in Georgia were already certified in Georgia and elsewhere. “I could wait a month to file the fraud case, and everyone would have to undo their certifications because it’s so bad,” Powell said.

Notably, in the Newsmax interview, Powell claimed that, on Election Day, the voting machines were rigged in favor of Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-GA), who will face Raphael Warnock in a January run-off election. Powell said that the “real vote” would show that Congressman Doug Collins (R-GA) would have won and face Warnock.

We don’t know who bought their election… I’m sure it crosses party lines… I’m reasonably certain [the Republican nominee for Senate in Michigan] John James was ripped out of his seat, and he was entitled to have won that election by the real vote, and the same thing is true for Doug Collins in Georgia.

Popular Information highlighted these comments on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon, and the information went viral. A Loeffler victory in Georgia is critical for the Republican effort to maintain their Senate majority. Now Powell is suggesting that Loeffler cheated to advance to the run-off.

WTF? Read on.


Legum tweeted:

Trump’s legal team is now asserting that DOUG COLLINS, not KELLY LOEFFLER would be participating in the January 5 runoff if Brian Kemp hadn’t rigged the voting machines.

Does LOEFFLER agree? Or will she admit that the Trump campaign’s claims of voter fraud are BS.

“We don’t know who bought their election.. I’m sure it crosses party lines.. I’m reasonably certain John James was ripped out of his seat, and he was entitled to have won that election by the real vote, and the same thing is true for Doug Collins in Georgia.” — @SidneyPowell1

Trump’s legal strategy has never made any sense but, over the last few days, it has managed to become even more unhinged.

Last Thursday, Powell spoke at an official Trump campaign press conference with Rudy Giuliani and other members of the Trump campaign legal team.

And Powell has repeatedly appeared on television as a representative of the Trump campaign.

UPDATE: Moments ago the Trump campaign sent a press release claiming that Sidney Powell, who has participated in press conferences with Trump’s legal team, is not a member of Trump’s legal team and is “practicing law on her own”

This is false. On November 14, Trump tweeted that Powell was part of his legal team.


Such is the sound of Powell being thrown under the bus.

McConnell’s choice

With a few exceptions, Republican elected officials have adopted the posture of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). McConnell says that Trump is “100 percent within his right” to pursue litigation and refuses to acknowledge that Biden won.

But Trump isn’t pursuing a rational legal strategy. Judges have repeatedly rejected Trump’s claims as baseless — as a matter of fact and law. Those are the arguments that McConnell and most other elected Republicans are still legitimizing. And if they continue to do so, things will continue to deteriorate.

I can’t wait!

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