Friday, November 20, 2020

In the Trump campaign's 'last dying gasp' Trump's legal team makes elementary goofs - like misspelling 'poll' as 'pole'.

As in pole watcher and poll cat?

The Associated Press reports on Trump’s failed legal tactics in this morning’s email. You can find more in the Daily Star reporting Trump’s election lawsuits plagued by elementary errors.

Trump, allies make frantic steps to overturn Biden victory; Biden flips Georgia; It’s his birthday, at 78, he’ll be oldest U.S. president

Refusing to countenance the clear reality of a comprehensive election defeat, Donald Trump and his allies are taking increasingly frantic and desperate steps to subvert the results.

That includes summoning Republican state legislators from Michigan today for an extraordinary meeting at the White House as part of a longshot bid to overturn Joe Biden’s victory. Trump also has personally called local election officials who are trying to rescind their certification votes in Michigan.

His legal team has suggested that a judge order Pennsylvania to set aside the popular vote there. And his allies are pressuring county officials in Arizona to delay certifying vote tallies.

Election law experts see this as the last, dying gasp of the Trump campaign and say there is no question whatsoever that Biden will walk into the Oval Office come January. Colleen Long, Zeke Miller, Jill Colvin and David Eggert have the latest developments.

It seems Trump hasn’t perhaps assembled a team of legal eagles to do his electoral bidding. He has launched a barrage of lawsuits across at least five states. But his attorneys have repeatedly made elementary errors in those high-profile cases: misspelling “poll watcher" (P-O-L-L) as “pole watcher” (P-O-L-E), forgetting the name of the presiding judge during a hearing, filing a Michigan lawsuit before an obscure court in Washington by accident and having to refile complaints after erasing entire arguments they’re using to challenge results, Nomaan Merchant reports.

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