Sunday, November 1, 2020

Practical advice on how to reduce COVID fatalities, cancers, and other medical maladies

How to reduce fatalities? GVNews LTE, COVID count, has the answer.

According to the Pew Research Center, “Most Republicans and Republican-leaning independents (62%) say the primary reason for the rise in confirmed (COVID–19) cases is that more people are being tested.”

At first I was confused by this, but then I finally saw the light! I immediately cancelled my mammogram appointment and my upcoming blood draw, realizing that by having those tests, I was simply making it more likely that I would be diagnosed with some disease! Further, if I stopped going to the dentist, I could pretty much head off getting any dental caries or gingivitis! Pursuing this even further, my husband and I have now promised each other that should one of us die, the other would not alert medical or civic authorities and do our best to bury the other in the back yard. If there is no death certificate issued, then death hasn’t really occurred! If everyone did this, we could really drive down the death rate in this country!

I used to be someone who thought that logical thinking led you to the truth, but now I see how ridiculous that is! Truth comes in many forms! There are dozens of correct answers to any one question! It’s certainly opened up my mind — and now maybe yours?

Sharon O’Connor, Green Valley

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