Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Putin Stands by His Man


Putin Is Doing One Last Favor for Trump and Refusing to Recognize Biden as President-Elect. _Trump was the Kremlin’s favorite—and Russia is expecting “nothing good” from Biden writes Anna Nemtsova in TheDaily Beast.

MOSCOW—President Vladimir Putin is still sticking by his pal President Trump and refusing to recognize Joe Biden as America’s president-elect. The Kremlin announced Monday that they would continue to stand by their man while “there are ongoing legal processes” even though there’s little prospect that any of Trump’s complaints will be taken seriously by the U.S. courts.

Putin’s reticence is not surprising: Biden once called Russia “the biggest threat to America” and the Kremlin hangs on to old words and meanings. Russian state TV made it clear throughout the election that Trump was the Kremlin’s preferred candidate, and in Moscow, politicians told The Daily Beast, “there is nothing good to expect from Biden.”

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