Saturday, November 21, 2020

Trump interferes with Michigan legislature

In their latest Ad, the Lincoln Project advised Michigan Legislators to Pick America over Trump reports David Gordon at Blog for Arizona.

The people at the Lincoln Project, rightfully not trusting Donald Trump or any person supporting him in his apparent coup attempts two weeks after Joe Biden was called the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election, have released a new ad called “Michigan.”

Noting that Donald Trump won Michigan by less than 11,000 votes in 2016 and Joe Biden emerged victorious there by about 153,000 ballots in 2020, the narrator reveals that:

“Donald Trump is attempting to steal the election by demanding that Michigan Presidential Electors vote for him.”

The narrator immediately points out that Trump’s attempt to circumvent the will of the people in Michigan (where Biden won by a landslide) is “illegal and UnAmerican.”

Furthermore, the ad continues by asserting that Trump’s inviting of the Michigan State House and Senate Republican leaders to accomplish this goal is wrong and treasonous.

The narrator concludes:

“Tens of thousands of Michiganders have died defending the Democracy Donald Trump now tries to overthrow. Nothing like this has happened in American History. The Republican Party of Michigan must decide if it is loyal to America and our Constitution, or to Donald Trump. All America is watching. The world is watching. What will (Michigan) Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey and House Speaker Lee Chatfield do? Will they go down in history as good citizens who did their duty or traitors who attempted a failed coup? Donald Trump or America? Voters chose America. Now Michigan Republicans must do the same.”

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