Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Trump made use of 'acting' appointments. Now if McConnell screws around with Biden's picks, Biden can follow Trump's example. It's precedented you see.

Daily Kos contributor Daddy Bartholomew has some good ideas about how Biden can out-game McConnell So, McConnell won’t give proper consideration to Biden’s cabinet picks, eh?

At least, it seems to be a serious concern in the media, and would absolutely be in line with McConnell’s brand of evil…

Here’s an idea:

1) Put together a slate of appointments that truly represent the people he wants, and submit it to the Senate.

2) Quietly appoint people to “Acting” positions, people who would be guaranteed to drive McConnell and his ilk into apoplectic frenzies.

3) Announce that these “Acting” appointments will be replaced as soon as the Senate approves Biden’s submitted slate.

4) Begin a media blitz for the purpose of publicizing McConnell’s failure to give Biden’s choices due consideration, with a constant review of the history of presidential cabinet choices and Senate confirmations.

5) Proceed with governing the nation.

For instance, I suspect Al Gore would be willing to be Acting Director of the EPA for awhile. I wonder if Robert Mueller would be willing to be Acting Attorney General? Might Hillary Clinton be willing to be Acting Secretary of State? Barrack Obama as Acting Director of National Intelligence?

I kind of like Diane Ravitch as Acting Secretary of Education, Paul Krugman as Acting Secretary of Treasury, Anthony Fauci as Acting Secretary of Health and Human Services (although he is probably critically needed in the current Covid battles), Alexander Vindeman as Acting Secretary of Defense…

I’m sure there are better choices available; I’m not a professional. The trick is to find people who are not currently filling critical needs, would do a superlative job, and would force McConnell to allow Biden to fill his posts quickly with the people he wants.

[Scriber:] The idea is a good one even if you might prefer other nominees.

And if nothing else, it would be delicious fun.

Thanks to Mrs. Scriber for this one.

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