Sunday, November 29, 2020

What it cost Trump to increase Biden's Wisconsin lead by 87 votes

Wisconsin recount confirms Biden’s win over Trump, cementing the president’s failure to change the election results reports the Washington Post.

The recount of presidential ballots in Wisconsin’s two largest counties finished Sunday, reconfirming that President-elect Joe Biden defeated President Trump in the key swing state by more than 20,000 votes.

After Milwaukee County completed its tally Friday and Dane County concluded its count Sunday, there was little change in the final breakdown of the more than 800,000 ballots that had been cast in the two jurisdictions. As a result of the recount, Biden’s lead over Trump in Wisconsin grew by 87 votes.

Under Wisconsin law, Trump was required to foot the bill for the partial recount — meaning his campaign paid $3 million only to see Biden’s lead expand.

By my calculation, each of Biden’s 87 new votes cost Trump $34,482.76. Now only a business man of Trump’s stature could have made that deal.

P. S.: It would be interesting to know the cost of each law suit Trump filed and lost. As of right now, the win-lost ratio is 1 win to 39 losses.

Maybe his accountants got their training at Trump U.

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