Saturday, December 12, 2020

'a little humor' - Trump seeks an interplanetary court

Quote of the Day: Yen Lo : A little humor … always with a little humor. (1962 Manchurian Candidate).

Trump Orders Space Force to Discover Other Planets with Courts by Andy Borowitz.

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report) — In a sign that he is not ready to give up his legal challenge to the 2020 election, Donald J. Trump has ordered the United States Space Force to discover other planets that have courts.

With his legal options on this planet dwindling [esp. after being rebuffed unanimously by SCOTUS], Trump is placing all of his hopes on identifying another planet that might have intergalactic jurisdiction over Earth.

On the heels of his Space Force announcement, astronomers expressed deep skepticism that a planet with a functioning legal system could be located before the Electoral College casts its votes on Monday.

But, in a sentiment shared by many Republicans, Senator Kelly Loeffler, of Georgia, said that she “totally supports” Trump’s decision to seek justice on another planet. “Let’s let the process play out,” she said.

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