Tuesday, December 8, 2020

SCOTUS denies attack on Pennsylvania election results

Trump’s legal losses keep piling up. LOSER!

Supreme Court denies Trump allies’ bid to overturn Pennsylvania election results reports the Washington Post.

Thanks to Editor at Large Sherry and Mrs. Scriber for tips on this one.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday denied a last-minute attempt by President Trump’s allies to overturn the election results in Pennsylvania, a blow to the president’s continuing efforts to protest his loss to Democrat Joe Biden.

The court’s brief order provided no reasoning, nor did it note any dissenting votes. It was the first request to delay or overturn the results of the presidential election to reach the court, and it appears that Justice Amy Coney Barrett, Trump’s latest nominee, took part in the case.

N. B. If she did “take part” it did not show up as a “dissenting vote”. Can I take this one as a vote for defending our electoral processes?

The lawsuit was part of a blizzard of litigation and personal interventions Trump and his lawyers have waged to overturn victories by Biden in a handful of key states.

Tuesday afternoon, just before the court’s order was released, Trump once again boasted that he had defeated Biden, and pleaded for help.

"Now, let’s see whether or not somebody has the courage, whether it’s a legislator or legislatures, or whether it’s a justice of the Supreme Court, or a number of justices of the Supreme Court — let’s see if they have the courage to do what everybody in this country knows is right,” Trump said.

Trump called the speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives twice during the past week to make an extraordinary request for help reversing his loss in the state. But Speaker Bryan Cutler told the president he had no authority to step in, or to order the legislature into special session, a Cutler spokesman told The Washington Post.

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