Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Tales from a Trump conspiracy rabbit hole

RWN at Daily Kos laments: Oh My God! I just crawled out of a Trump conspiracy rabbit hole, it’s really crazy down there!

Let me start out to say it comes from a vein from a FB friend who is from my childhood past. That said, I have learned that it is inappropriate to allow fantastical political or social extreme perspectives not to go unchallenged. Not through opinions or calling out names, but with facts or citing sources where almost entirely there is not a response in kind, merely more expression of extremism. What I learned is over the last couple of weeks we have many who are lost to the psychological warfare, this is not normal times to be discounted. Let me get to it.

My friend going all the way back to kindergarten has this as an open post on FB yesterday;

So, here’s where it stands. Democrats used mail-in voting, the Dominion machines, and other common means of voter fraud to steal the election from the American people. Estimated actual voter count nationwide….Trump 105 million, Biden 47 million. Trump CAN prove it. And be sworn in on the 20th. But it will take a call out to our military to seize machines and ballot warehouses, and recount, along with monitoring the Georgia runoff. The military is ready and Very willing.

Now that’s just the start. You’ll have to go to the original for the increasingly nutty writings of responders to RWN’s logic and math.

Thanks to Mrs. Scriber for the tip.

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