Thursday, January 21, 2021

At the inaugural Biden asks for mutual tolerance and respect for the democratic process

Quote of the Day: Mr. Biden’s call for unity was not a demand that Americans agree, but rather that they live in mutual tolerance, recommitted to the democratic process and to peacefully adjudicating their differences until the next inauguration. All Americans should be able to agree on that. - NY Times Editorial Board.

Read the rest of the summary of Biden’s speech by the NY Times Editorial Board here: Biden Bets on Unity. The new president called for comity. Can the country heed it?

Here’s one snippet: “Inaugurations are, by their nature, the closing of one chapter in the nation’s story and the beginning of another. Now at the helm of the executive branch, along with Kamala Harris — the country’s first female vice president, first Black vice president and first Asian-American vice president — Mr. Biden has a chance to test the firmness of common ground. For the new president and the nation to succeed, there must be enough like-minded leaders willing to put prosperity over party and the good of the nation above all else.”

Thanks to our Editort-at-Large Sherry.

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