Monday, January 11, 2021

The mob is the GOP

Quote of the Day: “The notion that the Republican Party can be separated from the mob is nonsensical. The mob is the party’s base.” - Jennifer Rubin.

For some Republicans, it’s time to head for the exits opines Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin. Here are excerpts.

Readers know that for a couple of years, I have argued that the Republican Party failed the test of character and decency when it embraced President Trump and, therefore, should be leveled. The insurrection this past week highlights how essential it is to leave a party that is now thoroughly infested with neo-Nazi, racist, anti-Semitic and lawless elements.

It is no surprise that several Republican state elected officials have been identified as having participated in Wednesday’s riot. The Associated Press reports: “[West Virginia] State Del. Derrick Evans was among lawmakers from at least seven states who traveled to Washington, D.C., for demonstrations rooted in the baseless conspiracy theory that Democrat Joe Biden stole the presidential election. Wearing a helmet, Evans ultimately joined a screaming mob as it pushed its way into the Capitol building, and livestreamed himself joyfully strolling inside.”

There’s more. The Louisiana Illuminator reports: “Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry belongs to an association that helped lead, finance and organize the right-wing rally on behalf of President Donald Trump that ended with a violent attack at the U.S. Capitol Wednesday.”

The involvement of so many elected Republicans not simply in perpetuating the lie of a stolen election but in participating in a deadly event in which anti-Semitic, pro-Confederate thugs roamed the halls of Congress is horrifying, but predictable. The rioters on Capitol Hill — even before committing a slew of crimes — were decked in neo-Nazi/ and racist regalia. They refused to allow democracy to take its course. This was the band elected officials joined or supported.

For ordinary Republicans, it’s time to leave if you are repulsed by a party that:

  • Supports a president despite overwhelming evidence of impeachable conduct;
  • Refuses to demand Trump’s removal even after inciting insurrection;
  • Fails to discipline or expel seditious members who sought to overthrow the election results;
  • Refuses to accept objective reality;
  • Harbors elected leaders who physically joined the mob;
  • Tolerates — and embraces, in some cases! — the symbols and views of insurrectionists.

The party isn’t going to change, so it might be time for some Republicans to head for the exits. They might find a whole lot of familiar faces on the way out.

More from AZGOP

The AZGOP continues to hate John McCain. They’re digging themselves deeper and deeper into a pile of bat poop crazy. Arizona’s Maricopa County GOP censures ex-Sen. Jeff Flake, plans vote to also censure Cindy McCain. The AZGOP tweeted: As the sun sets on 2020, remember that we’re never going back to the party of Romney, Flake, and McCain.

Tim Steller’s opinion: After fomenting insurrection in D.C., Rep. Finchem must be removed.

For weeks, Finchem has been conspiring to disenfranchise you, me and every other Arizona voter by claiming electoral fraud occurred and justifies the Legislature picking the state’s presidential electors — Trump’s electors, in case you had any doubt.

Last week, Finchem topped that by promoting and attending the Jan. 6 insurrection against the U.S. government and Constitution in Washington, D.C.

… A censure by the House is a no-brainer and hardly merits mentioning. Expulsion should be considered.

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