Friday, January 8, 2021

What we're up against

Quote of the Day: “I don’t think that most of the people in the mainstream of American culture, who have viewed this week with horror, have any idea what they’re up against.” -JVL at The Bulwark

So what are we up against? To find out, read this essay by Jonathon V. Last: It Could Have Been Worse. And unless we act now, it will be. Here is a small bit of it.

Many of the insurrectionists storming the house were wearing body armor and helmets. A few were carrying zip ties. We have no idea how many of them were armed. These people built a forking gallows outside the Capitol.

You think this was spontaneous? Someone just happened to carrying around some 4x4’s and hardware and another guy had plywood and some third patriot had rope and it was all serendipity?

Here are some polling data.

  • An overwhelming majority of R’s saw the Capitol insurrection as NBD.
  • A plurality of R’s outright approved of it.
  • A majority of R’s blame Joe Biden for anything that wasn’t kosher.
  • And keep in mind: This was a snap poll taken before the right-wing echo chamber started arguing that anything bad that happened was the result of secret antifa infiltrators.

Harris ran a poll yesterday and found basically the same thing:

  • 64 percent of R’s approve of how Trump handled January 6.
  • 57 percent of R’s said Trump had done enough to stop any violence.

Republican voters … think everything is fine, with the exception of the fact that 77 percent of Trump’s voters—*77 percent*—say he was the rightful winner and that the election was stolen from him.

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