Sunday, February 21, 2021

El Paso is an example preparing for the future - that is, what the rest of Texas did not do

In the [Bulwark/JVL][jvl], Tim Miller writes about the Texas SNAFU -and a counter example of good government.

I’ve been horrified hearing the anecdotes from Texas and if any of our readers are from there and suffering our hearts are with you and don’t hesitate to reach out.

But, as we learned last year from the response to COVID–19, death and suffering does not shake the cult of Conservatism, Inc. You will not be surprised to hear that while millions in his state are trying to survive freezing temperatures without heat or electricity, the governor of Texas Greg Abbott was on Sean Hannity’s show blaming the whole affair on the Green New Deal.

This is, of course, insulting and preposterous. But as I was wading through the BS of what really happened in Texas, my technocratic soul was soothed by this anecdote about why El Paso, which is not on the same grid as the rest of the state, avoided blackouts this time. Here’s why:

El Paso Electric said they always try to prepare for the future and after a winter storm in 2011, the utility company worked towards replacing and upgrading their equipment. Many generators now have antifreeze protection.

“We went from plus–10 degrees which was what the original equipment was designed for to a minus–10, so currently everything we install or upgrade is done to a minus–10 degree sustained temperature,” said Louie Guarderrama, director of operations for the utility company.

The company’s plant in far east El Paso is also another addition that has become a vital part of their operations

“Some of the new units really came to save the day. But it’s also all the hard working people that have worked behind the scenes to make this happen,” Gutierrez said.

What a refreshing throwback! A story about having competent leaders who fixed a public good rather than spending all day shitposting about California.

Those were the days.

[jvl]:JVL - The Bulwark

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