Friday, February 12, 2021

Q - what do Donald Trump and Kyle Rittenhouse have in common

A: Our justice system permits each to get away with murder. Trump claimed he could get away with shooting someone. Kyle Rittenhouse actually killed someone and now he’s gone missing, apparently jumping bail.

Judge Declines to Issue Arrest Warrant for Kyle Rittenhouse Despite Victim’s Pleas reports Daily Beast’s Ana Lucia Murillo Breaking News/Cheat Sheet Intern.

A judge refused to issue an arrest warrant or increase the amount of bail for Kyle Rittenhouse on Thursday after the prosecution said he moved away from Antioch, Illinois without providing an updated location to the court. Rittenhouse is out on bond, secured by $2 million in donations. Judge Bruce Schroeder said the whereabouts of people out on bond are often uncertain, citing the example of people who take frequent business trips. He told Rittenhouse to update his address but said it could be withheld from prosecutors, who argued they needed to know it for enforcement reasons. “After what this town has been through in the last six months, I don’t want any more problems,” Schroeder said, seemingly suggesting that people would target Rittenhouse if the DA had his address.

On that logic any crime is forgiven if it is inconvenient. Victim’s dad is not buying it.

John Hubert, father of one of Rittenhouse’s victims, spoke in support of increasing bail. “From the moment he became a killer, he thought he was above the law,” he said. “He has no remorse.”

Prosecutors push to rearrest Kyle Rittenhouse. Here’s how the case has unfolded since he posted bail.

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