Friday, February 5, 2021

Republicans advance - from 'O' to 'P' to 'Q'

Republicans Are All “Q” Now reports the AZ BlueMeanie.

After the Republican Caucus failed to take any action against QAnon Queen Marjorie Taylor Greene – in fact, the GOP Reportedly Gave Marjorie Taylor Greene A Standing Ovation In Closed-Door Meeting – today the House voted 230–199, with only 11 Republicans breaking with lockstep GOP tribalism to vote to remove Greene from her committee assignments [budget and education].

No surprise: Arizona’s four GOP House members sided with the QAnon Queen.

The Blue Meanie’s post has a long history of Republicans’ struggle with radical elements - like the John Birch Society.


Here is some background on how the House Dems ended up doing what House Rethugs should have done - and would have had they any spine.

Greene scrambles and pivots and tap dances, House managers want Trump to testify (he won’t), and another Fox defamation suit. Writing the Fast Forward email, Teresa M. Hanafin, Globe Staff, tags three topics. I’ll focus on the first.

… it appears that House Republicans are perfectly comfortable being the QAnon Party, as they cavalierly normalized the outrageous views of Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, refusing to remove her from committees and embracing her fully during an hours-long GOP meeting last night, with half the Republicans there giving her a standing ovation.

I’m curious: As they were applauding her, did they shout, “Yay, Marjorie! Let’s assassinate Democrats!” Or, “Muslims don’t belong in Congress! You go, girl!” Or, “Jews love laser guns – pew pew!”

Behind closed doors, she apologized – not for what she said, but for putting her GOP colleagues in an awkward position. She claimed that all of those disgusting comments she made “is not who I am.” Oh, we’re so very sorry, Marjorie – we didn’t realize you had your identity stolen. Why didn’t you say so!

Today she spoke on the House floor before a vote to strip her of committee assignments and retracted some of the deranged things she has said, although I don’t think she apologized for supporting the murder of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats. Maybe she just forgot.

Her mea culpas were a last-minute scramble to save her committee seats. Not sure why she couldn’t have tried to clean all of this up weeks ago, when the vile comments were being uncovered.

Maybe she was too busy laying a wreath at the Pentagon where a plane really did crash on 9/11, killing 125 people in the Pentagon and all 64 people on board.

Or maybe she was traveling to personally apologize to Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg for harassing and berating him on a D.C. street, and in an interview, calling him an “idiot” who is “trained like a dog.”

Or writing to the Clintons to say she was just kidding around when she said they kill children and drink their blood, and murdered JFK Jr. by somehow downing his plane.

Um, no.

Instead, she spent the past few weeks defiantly saying she would never apologize, bragging about her strong support from Trump, and trashing GOP congressional leaders. She asked people to join her in her beliefs, and even raised money off her brazenness.

But like conservatives who rail against gay people until one of their kids comes out to them, Greene didn’t ask for forgiveness until her political life was affected.

“I’m a sinner,” she said on the House floor today.


We know, Marjorie. We know.

By the way, for those of you writing to me peddling “whataboutism,” let’s be clear: There is no Marjorie Taylor Greene equivalent among congressional Democrats. None. And you know it. So please save your breath. Or your typing.

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