Thursday, April 29, 2021

Nicolle Wallace gets it - 'what Trump revealed the Republicans to be'

Nicolle Wallace on Republicans: Fear of Trump was the excuse. We were wrong. They are Trump. reports Egberto Willies in the Daily Kos. (Thanks to our roving Editor-at-Large Sherry.)

It’s been clear for some time that Donald Trump gave the Republican Party permission to be who they are. Nicolle Wallace got it.

I really love how Nicolle Wallace can be pretty tough on herself, the media, and others to make her point. Today she told an unfortunate truth. It is one where too many in the media are hard-pressed to articulate vociferously.

After discussing Minority leader Kevin McCarthy sucking up to Donald Trump, Wallace made a few prescient statements.

“This is the conversation that needs to be had.” Nicolle Wallace said. “We covered this incorrectly. Fear of Trump was the excuse. For all of Mitch McConnell and Rob Portman and Kevin McCarthy and all these weenies who looked the other way when Casey Hunt and Leanne Caldwell and Garrett Haake were there with a camera saying, ’Do you believe with this outrageous thing that Donald Trump tweeted today and our frame was they must be afraid of our cameras because they’re scared of Trump.”

Nicolle was not done.

“We were wrong,” Nicolle said. “They are Trump. And you are right. This story is no longer about Trump. It’s what they, it’s what Trump revealed the Republicans to be.”

While Wallace has been bold as she gets these epiphanies, too often mainstream media journalists are stuck in their ways providing the cover for those whom the status quo is most effective.

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