Friday, May 7, 2021

GOP set to replace Cheney with a Big Lie tout and more bad news for crAZy

In today’s Bulwark Charlie Sykes features some information about the GOP whiz kid likely to replace Liz Cheney.

Appearing on Steve Bannon’s podcast, @EliseStefanik flaunts her Big Lie bona fides.

So, yes, Elise Stefanik turns out to be even worse than you thought.

As Daniel Dale notes she endorsed efforts to overturn the election; said people “rightly” worried there were “unprecedented voting irregularities”; falsely claimed Georgia eliminated voter verification; claimed there were 140K illegal votes in Fulton; and raised “concerns” about Dominion.

And all of that was before she went on Steve Bannon’s show yesterday to embrace the bogus Arizona “audit” by guys who call themselves the Cyber-ninjas.

As if CrAZy needs more bad PR.

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